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I love to help women just like you make healthy choices, help to reinvent themselves and uncover their inner power and live an Empowered Life of Health, Joy, Happiness and Connection!

I will teach you how to live a Healthy Lifestyle no matter what you have been through!

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Joan Teglovic

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 Hello Friend! 

 Is it time to reinvent yourself and you just don’t know how?  Are you starting to feel the strain of aging and the things you used to do to feel healthy and energetic just don’t work anymore? 

 As a Healthy Lifestyle Coach, I help women just like you reclaim your power and health and live life as a beautiful, healthy, happy and Empowered  Woman, no matter what you have been through!! 

I am a former burned out corporate executive who almost lost my health and mind due to corporate burnout! 


As as result, I became a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, Strategic Intervention Life Coach and NLP Practitioner! 

I now help women just like you, transform their health and lifestyle by helping them “remember” who they really are as an Empowered Woman who is 
Healthy, Happy, Fit and Fabulous!  

Nutrition ~ Fitness ~ Mindset ~

 Fun ~ Love 

We all have a story….. a few short years ago I found myself approaching 60 and wondering what in the world have I done with my life… I wasn’t married, didn’t have any children, wasn’t in a healthy relationship and my finances were not representative of my decades of hard work and sacrifice… I then had what many call ” the dark night of the soul” …..I was scared, full of shame and fear. I wasn’t successful based on modern standards and I fell apart in all areas of my life. 

I didn’t want to live anymore. 

When people would look at me from the outside, they thought I had my life together, but I did not. I felt like such a loser and was so consumed with shame. In a 3 year period, I lost the man I thought loved me and was going to marry me, I lost my mom unexpectedly, then my dad and then my brother. Then, the pandemic hit…every inch of “security” I had was gone… 

I realized that no one was going to save me and I had to “step up” and save myself…… as a result, I had to reinvent myself and get rid of the “shame” that was truly driving me and keeping me from having the life and love I deserve. During this time, I consciously  worked on every major category in my life. My business, my finances, my health, my psychology and finding true love!

Now, everything has miraculously changed! My business took off, I met the man of my dreams and have never been happier, my health and body are in the best shape ever and I have more energy than when I was 30. My finances have done a 360, my partner spoils me and affords me the lifestyle of the rich and fabulous! I live in the most incredible home with ocean views and I feel fulfilled.

I really had to learn to let go of the shame and the limiting believes that I had to now live an Empowered Life!! 

Get on the Path to Empowered Health!

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After I had my last baby, I was never able to lose the last 15-20 pounds. I tried everything...eating healthy, going to the gym, counting calories and trying different diets. Nothing ever worked. When I started working with Joan, she showed me that my body is a beautiful chemistry system and that it was not about counting calories but giving my body the proper nutrients and the right foods. I finally feel pretty again and have energy!
Before: 180 lbs After: 130 lbs Lost 50 pounds in 6 months and NEVER gained it back!!

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