Cracking the Code to Sustainable Weight Loss
Empowering You to Quickly Lose Weight and Get your Sexy back on!!

Ready to end the confusion about what to eat, eliminate yo-yo dieting, permanently lose weight, reclaim your energy, vitality & look 10 years younger?

Hi, I am Joan!

What I have found is that most professionals who care about their Health and Appearance feel stuck. They feel they will never get back to their ideal weight and vitality and they look 10 years older…..they are frustrated because of their busy , stressful schedules and are overwhelmed when it comes to “Healthy Living and Eating”.

Most of them do not know that there are “8” common ingredients that are hiding out in so called ” healthy foods” are actually blocking their ability to lose weight and achieve vital energy needed to perform at the highest level.

What we know is that most health issues such as low energy, brain fog, persistent weight problems and chronic diseases stem from eating foods with these “8” common ingredients found in over 75% of foods in America, your unique body chemistry cannot process.

Once you discover your body’s unique food profile,  discovering  what you can and cannot eat… can resolve “90%” of health and weight issues!!!

Our epidemic of obesity, yo-yo dieting, diabetes and out of control cravings… are “Engineered” by  Big Food Company Scientists and Marketers… NOT your fault you are sick or overweight…..

Once you learn this one “Simple Trick”, you can quickly and easily take back control of your health, your weight and your Life!

Let’s Master the  Inner Game of Healthy Living!

It’s not a short term diet.
It’s a long term lifestyle change.

Are you with me?



Living in a Right Sized Body, Healthy, Happy, Thin and  Free is Everyone’s Dream! Now, it can be your Reality.
Learn the “Secret” that only 1% of healthy men and women know to losing weight and keeping it off FOREVER!
Even if you have tried everything and are ready to Give Up.

How Your Healthy Lifestyle and Body Transformation Coach can help you!

To Help You Reverse the Effects the Standard American Diet Has Had on Your Body

  • Understand how Faulty Wiring in your Brain is the TRUE cause of Being Overweight and how to Fix it
  • Get Sustainable Results
  • What Exercises are Right for my Body and Schedule
  • Learn how to Control Cravings, Hunger and Mood Swings
  • Increase Your Energy and Focus During the Day
  • Implement a Healthy Lifestyle in an Un-Healthy World
  • Sleep Better at Night
  • Learn what to Cook for Yourself and Your Family
  • Learn What to Buy at the Grocery Store
  • Feel Sexy and Alive in your own Body
  • Know Exactly What to Eat and Drink
  • “STOP’ Yo-Yo Dieting Forever
  • Live in Your right sized Body and LOVE IT!
  • Stop Struggling and be free of Shame and Guilt over your past failures
  • Start to Heal and Reverse the damaging effects of eating the wrong foods
  • Learn what to eat when you are at work, at a Restaurant or a Party, special occasion and Traveling


I Will Show You How

If you are ready to FEEL Strong, Powerful and quickly lose weight with ease and simplicity, then grab your Free Digital Copy of my brand new eGuide Feel Powerful, End Sugar Cravings and Lose Weight Kit!

I felt alive again. Most of my weight has come off and I look forward to preparing meals for my father and myself.  I don’t ever crave sweets anymore.

It has been wonderful working with Joan of Health. Thank you!!
Sarah M
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Feel Sexy Again, End Sugar Cravings and Lose Weight

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