We, as a society, are eating way too much sugar. The result is a huge increase in (preventable) chronic illness, obesity, and poor health.


We have the power to prevent this illness and disease in our bodies and lives by removing or, at least, reducing the amount of sugar we consume.


As you may have heard, studies are now showing that sugar is just as addictive as some hard drugs, because it creates the same release of “feel good” chemicals in the brain. This means that it can be challenging to quit, but your health is worth it.


Here are 5 ways that you can use to overcome your sugar addiction and get on the path to excellent health.


5 Ways to Remove Sugar from Your Life


  1. Get a massage

Focus on giving yourself the best self-care you possibly can. This might mean asking your significant other to give you a good rub down, or booking regular professional massages. Aren’t into massage? Try another form of touch-based therapy like acupuncture, facials, or reflexology.





  1. Have a cup of tea with stevia

Replace your late-night snacking with a calming cup of herbal tea, sweetened with stevia. The tea will help you relax, and the non-sugar sweetness of stevia will give you the mental satisfaction without the harmful side-effects of sugar.


  1. Eat a piece of fruit

It’s called nature’s candy for a reason. Fresh fruit is the perfect substitute for candy and processed treats when you feel your sweet tooth coming on. Fruit contains vitamins, minerals, and fiber that are essential for a healthy body.


  1. Move your body

Crank up the Taylor Swift and get a dance party going in your living room. Take a walk around the neighborhood with your dog. Call up a friend and hit your favorite zumba class. Whatever kind of movement you enjoy, do more of it.


  1. Uncover what you’re really craving

Oftentimes when we feel sugar cravings coming on, it’s not about food. Emotional cravings can show up as food cravings if we aren’t paying attention. Think about what might be missing from your life on an emotional level. Are you craving a calm, stress-free environment? Are you craving social connection? Touch base with yourself and address what’s lacking in your life.


Need some help getting rid of sugar cravings and losing weight? Schedule a free strategy session with me and let’s see what we can do!



To your health! Coach Joan of Health!

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