Joan Teglovic - also known as Joan of Health!!!

Teaches health conscious women and couples to learn what to eat and drink for their unique body chemistry that most people do not have a clue about and therefore get rid of weight and most health issues…  permanently and lead a healthy and happy lifestyle!

As a certified holistic health and weight-loss resistance coach and life coach, Joan has cracked the code on what makes people overweight, sick, and tempted to give up on the wonderful, happy life they deserve. The ingredients in foods and beverages from the Standard American Diet are making us sick and fat.

How is Joan of Health different than any other coach? She combines her expertise in health and nutrition with her 25 years of life coaching.

Coach Joan helps you permanently change your mindset and bad habits by figuring out what your unique body chemistry blueprint is. Most people think that the key to losing weight is reducing caloric intake and increasing exercise. That is the old way and it is not sustainable… our body’s are a beautiful chemistry lab and some foods are good for it and some are not. Most people have no idea so they are fueling it with the wrong foods and getting sicker and fatter and it is not their fault. 

She was in the food business for over 20 years and worked in manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution and she personally knows how the food manufactures put ingredients  in foods that make them very tasty and keep you going back for more and more and they are making you sick and fat. If you do not know what your unique body needs, you will never have sustainable weight loss and will continue to get fatter and sicker….

Through her courses and coaching, Joan helps women and couples lose weight permanently, fix their unique body chemistry, and learn what and how to eat  so they feel good and look great! Most of all, she empowers women  and couples to be confident, beautiful, and sexy and energetic  so they can enjoy the next chapter in their lives!

For more than 20 years, Joan was known in the corporate world as the “Sales Turn Around Queen.” She has worked all over the world as a successful sales executive and consultant helping to turn underperforming sales teams around. Now, how did she do this? By applying a proven strategy that works.

You are probably wondering what that has to do with weight loss and health coaching.

Well, Joan was successful, but it was a very stressful way to make a living. She was never really happy. Joan was on and off airplanes, staying in hotels, living on fast food, restaurant food or room service.

Before she knew it, Joan was overweight and bloated. Her skin was dull and breaking out. She never had enough energy and was ashamed of her looks, feeling constantly judged by others.

She was always moody and had anxiety. Her flat stomach she had worked so hard for was gone.

During an annual medical visit, Joan’s doctor discovered a large mass on her right ovary. They could not tell if it was cancerous or not. During surgery, the tumor was removed along with her ovaries, uterus and cervix, forcing her into early menopause. There was no chance of Joan ever having her own child.

This is a personal loss that haunts Joan to this day. Even so, she is so grateful and blessed that the tumor turned out to be benign. Thank you, GOD!!

When Joan asked her gynecologist how this happened or what caused such a mass to form in her body, the doctor didn’t know. “Just be grateful you don’t have cancer,” the doctor said.

Joan found that answer to be frustrating and unacceptable. She just allowed her doctor to completely remove her whole reproduction system and she had NO idea. What

Joan was never given the opportunity to try to heal before being scared into surgery. As a result, she decided from that day forward to take her health into her own hands and explored more than 100 dietary theories. She also became a certified holistic health and nutrition coach.

Joan is certified by the Sears Wellness Institute and studied under Dr. William Sears, a Harvard-educated physician.

She is also a certified strategic intervention life coach, with over 100 hours of core training for 30 time-tested strategies to help her clients live their best lives, no matter what they believe their obstacles are.

After learning about the foods we eat and the beverages we drink every day, Joan now knows that the ingredients in the foods we eat and drink were the direct cause of her health issues.

Joan will teach you how and what to eat so you can quickly and easily implement a healthy lifestyle in a very busy, over-stimulated and convenience-based society that is backed up by science.

Get started today – and get your health and your sexy back!


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