“I have been overweight for the past 20 years. I finally decided to do something about it and in 2015 I started running. Some of my weight came off but then it plateaued, and I found that I was tired all the time.
I had a lot of insomnia anxiety acne joint pain migraines and my thyroid was way off. Being a registered nurse, I would work 12-hour days and I was always stressed out. During Covid, I decided to focus on my nutrition. I started working with Joan and she really helped to turn around my whole life.
I had no idea that the foods that I were eating, the foods that I thought were healthy, or actually keeping me overweight stressed out and a lot of inflammation in my body. Since working with her I lost 30 lbs and still cannot believe it. At first, my body began detoxing and as the days progressed, I started noticing a difference. I sleep better my thyroid level is normal, my skin has cleared up, my headaches are gone and most of all I feel energized. I have a whole new wardrobe as well!!
My life has changed. My life no longer revolves around eating. I never realized how much of my time and effort was taken by my lack of energy. One of the biggest things that Joan helped me with was how to live a healthy life. I’m amazed at how my refrigerator has changed my pantry has changed how my shopping habits have changed and most of all how many people compliment me now. This is something that I’ve had to get used to as well.
Thank you Joan I will always love you!”

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