What scares you the most about aging? Wrinkles? Heart disease? Broken hips? Looking like a prune? Truth is, one of the main reasons we carry age is because we let our bodies rust. That’s right, we letit, meaning it can be prevented. By learning how, you can reverse the effects and become living proof that age is just a number!!!

Think of your body as a brand-new factory. When you were younger—let’s say, in your teens—you probably drank sodas rich in chemicals and lunches loaded with sodium or sugar. Within your body, these all translate to sticky gunk that has the ability to stiffen your arteries and your skin. Good news, since it’s a new factory, you have a nice team of young janitors that are quick to clear all of that out before it affects you. Unfortunately, as life happens and you get older, your staff isn’t as energetic as it used to be. Your body’s response time is changing but your artery-clogging eating styles aren’t, and so you get old.

Like the circle of life, there is also a cycle of death: of the younger you. In this cycle, there is oxidation, a big, scary-looking word for rusting, which is exactly what happens to old things. Old bikes, old locks, even apples rust. You know when you’ve bitten into an apple that’s been sitting out for too long, and you see that it’s brown on the inside? The brown stuff inside an apple is basically rust, and it’s formed when there are more oxidants (compounds in the air with a sole purpose to defeat living things) on the outside than there are antioxidants on the inside. As a young factory, we are overstocked with equipment like antioxidants just in case things go bad, but as we age, we need to invest in some more. If you’re keen, you’d know dousing some lemon juice on apple slices keep them whiter longer because lemon juice is an antioxidant. Not saying you should bathe in lemon juice, but consuming antioxidant-rich foods will help you achieve that younger look/feel you are aiming for. Fruits such as blueberries and drinks such as green tea have been known to carry a significant amount of antioxidants to keep your body running—literally.

Oxidation is only one of a few other processes responsible for making people shudder whenever they hear the word “age.” However, just like oxidation, these other processes can also be reversed with a simple change in eating habits and lifestyle. If you missed the point, food is a HUGE factor of a Healthy Life, both inside and out. So many people think they can get away with eating impulsively and just burn off all the calories at the gym, but natural processes like oxidation are proof of how incorrect that method of reasoning is. Your eating habits are just as important, if not moreimportant than running on a treadmill days on end. You may not be your age, but you are what you eat.

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