• Do you feel like you will never lose weight and keep it off?
  • Have you tried everything and still can’t seem to lose weight?
  • Are your weight and health issues often the reason you say "no" to things you want to do or have?
  • Do you feel that you are just not the kind of person who will never be thin and beautiful and healthy?
  • Do you struggle with insatiable cravings and have a hard time staying on a meal plan that you committed to?
  • Do you want to stop Yo-Yo dieting and crazy eating?
  • Are you constantly tired, moody and feel bloated?
  • Do you feel guilty for wanting to be thin and beautiful and sexy?
  • Have you felt as though you just don't have the right body composition and genetics and that only other “women” can look and feel sexy and happy and healthy?
  • Are you obsessing with counting calories and/or carbs?
  • Do you LOVE to drink wine?
  • Do you find that you can't seem to figure out what you should be doing and that possibly the foods you have eaten over the years have compromised your health?
  • Are you ready to work with a coach who cracked the code on weight loss resistance, food sensitivities, gut and digestion issues and will hold your hand as we discover what your bodies unique chemistry blueprint is so you know what foods to eat and not eat?

Imagine no more dieting, health or weight issues, no more food confusion or frustration…. and watching yourself literally transform and look and feel years and years younger… and… achieve this is 3-6 months???? Even if you have tried everything and do not believe it!!

Guess what?? The time is NOW!!

For years I suffered and struggled with being overweight, fat, bloated, bad skin, digestive issues, thyroid issues, hormonal imbalances and I had absolutely NO confidence in myself and I Looked 10 years older and felt like I was 99 years old… I had NO idea how to turn it around but I did and one thing I know for sure is that…


So… I can teach you to do the same thing…live in your right sized body…happy, healthy, confident and SEXY!!! Yes… it’s about time you say that word and feel it… it is your damn birthright to be beautiful, confident, healthy, full of energy and stamina and rock your life….


I am here to help you and make a difference in your life… I made a promise to myself that once I figured this out and got to my ideal weight and extraordinary health and well-being, I was going to share it with everyone that needs me!

It’s not about me. I learn this stuff to teach it to you. I’ve learned a lot. And it’s my job to teach you.

I have not opened up my coaching package in over a year. I have only allowed a few students from my digital courses to trickle in… While observing the incredible results they were each getting, it became clear to me once again…

It is time, yes, today that we get your on your path to your ideal weight, feeling energetic, out of pain and confusion and confusion about what to eat …..

And, damnit… how to not let food, dirking and the scale control your life…. Being overweight is NOT your fault…



But to be honest, your results are up to you!!

I can’t make you do the work.

Mandy G

Before I knew it, I was 250 lbs. For the past 30 + years, I have gained and lost hundreds of pounds. I know ALL the diets out there and unfortunately; I lose weight but then I gain it back plus more. My life has been hell.

The last time I was thin was at my wedding where I literally starved myself and took laxatives. Over the years, the emotional stress of my life kept me a frequent visitor to the vending machines at work and I was addicted to Taco Bell food. My knees went out and my doctor wanted to do a double knee replacement but told me I needed to lose weight. I was in tears. I felt like such a loser.

I found Joan of Health and boy oh boy did she change my life. OMG>>>> just from the start, I knew I found the right mentor. She wasn’t like all of the other diets out there. What she did differently was she taught me what the wrong foods were doing to my brain chemistry and my gut flora.

In addition to that, she worked on my mindset because I deep down did not believe I could ever be thin and skinny and let alone sexy again. Right I away, the weight started to drop off.

But this time, I was a different person as Joan really helped to reprogram all of the bad habits and unintelligent thinking that was keeping me stuck in a rotten and overweight body and lifestyle. She completely changes my life and also my whole family. Gone are the cravings and the confusion about what to eat. I am so grateful and I now wake up with energy and confidence and I ended up not having the knee surgery… Thank you Joan of Health for helping me get my Sexy back on and also for helping to save my marriage and family. I truly love you!!

–  Mandy G.
Highest weight 225
Current weight 125
Height 5’6”

What to Expect from Working With Me

Here is what I can do for you:

  • I can show you what to eat and not eat, provide recipes and exercise plans… I can show you how your mind has been keeping you stuck and overweight and miserable… and feeling ashamed and like a failure….
  • I will Empower you to be your best… to uplevel… you haven’t seen anything yes and trust me, my strategies work…I combine the right foods and the mindset and they dance like you have never seen… all the way down the scale…. That’s right!!
  • I can help you stop being frustrated, confused and scientifically teach you what you need to eat and not eat for your individual body chemistry… gone are the days of counting calories and carbs… that is not sustainable…I will show you what will work for you — so that you can avoid a whole lot of mistakes.
  • This offer is set up in a really cool and unique way. I work with you 1:1 for either 3 or 6 months, whatever you need…. you get your meal plans, recipes and most of all, your get the mindset work that changes everything… No one taught us how our brain (our mental operating system) works.
  • I will show you how to completely change and get rid of what is really holding you back… my average clients lose 2 lbs per week… but most of all they…. Keep it off…

My attorney has taught me to say that “I cannot guarantee specific results…” and while that’s really true… I can share what clients typically accomplish in our time together.

I grew up poor, or as they said back then, at poverty level…my parents were full blown alcoholics and there was always so much drama and fighting and dysfunction.

We grew up on biscuits and gravy and rice soaked with soy sauce packets my dad used to bring home. I was fat in grade school and everyone made fun of me. By the time I was in junior high school, I discovered diet pills t try to manage my weight. I spent decades gaining and losing weight. I worked out almost every day and even taught aerobics. I did weight watchers, paleo, vegan lo or no carb, starvation, the Ocean Diet, the Atkins and everyone that came out….

When I first found Joan of Health, I tried her 7 day detox and I saw some results. But Joan was nice and caring so invited me into her private Facebook group where I learned so much about how my childhood and my mindset my beliefs form childhood were keeping me fat and miserable.

In less than 1 month, I lost almost 10 lbs… I couldn’t believe it. Joan helped me lose wright and taught me what I should eat and how much and when and how to cook.  The biggest gift I got from her was how she worked on my mindset and helped me turn around all of the crap I learned over the years. I now life a fin and healthy lifestyle and I feel confident and sexy and of course healthy!!

If you are reading this and ready for sustainable weight loss, sign up fpr one of her programs. I promise you will love it! Thank you, Joan,!!

–  Tara J.
Highest weight 195 
Current weight 135
Height 5’7”

Tara J

Within the first few months of working with me, clients:

  • Lose 8-10 lbs per month!
  • Get rid of bloating, fatigue, mood swings, digestive issues
  • Reorganize their lives, their refrigerators and pantries to align with their new healthy lifestyle…
  • Get rid of their fat clothes, understand their unique body chemistry
  • Transform their mindset like never before and start living life in a new and EMPOWERED way… more confidence, happiness, balance in life and for the first the first time in a long time… they are clear on their life path and not clouded by sugar hangovers or mood swings from unhealthy eating… they don’t even crave toxic foods and love, love, love to cook healthy and have dinner parties and enjoy life… most of all…. They feel sexy and confident and beautiful in their body…
  • If this is what you have been waiting for, click below and let’s talk!!
Stu and Terri

When my husband I started working with Joan of Health, we had a digestive and guy issues. I always gained and lost 25 pounds and my husband was 35 lbs overweight and was on high blood pressure and high cholesterol meds. I had severe gut issues. I had gas and bloating and constipation. I drank a lot of wine and loved my martinis and nachos… we both were gym rats as well.  Eat and work out and lived this way for years.

One of my friends told us bout Joan of Health and she took on both myself and my husband and completely transformed our lives. I am so blessed and grateful to her. I lost 20 lbs in the first 3 months and never gained it back. My stomach is flat and hasn’t been since college. My gut and digestive issues are gone. The gas and bloating and all of the meds I used to try to control it. I eat now the right foods for my body chemistry.

My husband lost all of his weight. Is off his blood pressure and cholesterol meds and loves to cook for me and the family. It was great to work with her as she used her super coaching skills to change our inner conflicts that were keeping us stuck.

If you get a chance to work with her and her tram, you will not be disappointed.

– Terri and Stu M.
Terri: Highest weight 145 lbs 
Ideal weight 120 lbs
Height 5’4”

Stu: Highest weight 225 lbs 
Ideal weight 175 lbs
Height 5’10”

About Joan of Health


Empowers middle-aged women and couples to lose weight permanently and lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

As a certified holistic health and weight-loss resistance coach and life coach, Joan has cracked the code on what makes people overweight, sick, and tempted to give up on the wonderful, happy life they deserve. The ingredients in foods and beverages from the Standard American Diet are making us sick and fat.

How is Joan of Health different than any other coach? She combines her expertise in health and nutrition with her 25 years of life coaching.

Coach Joan helps you permanently change your mindset and bad habits by working on the energetics of weight loss before even attempting to show you what to eat. It doesn’t matter how well you eat or exercise. If your energetic weight minimums and maximums are not in alignment, you will never have sustainable weight loss and good health! 

Joan of Health

Wow!! You’ve made it this far..and I am guessing that you are wondering if this is for you…

One thing that I believe in is listening to your heart… it will not lead you astray… trust yourself…

I don’t believe in talking anyone into something , I only want you if you feel that this is one of the best things you can do for yourself… get your health and wellness back!!

You know intuitively what you need and if this is right for you….

Ask yourself, is this what I need now? If so, click here and lets get started right away.

YOU GOT THIS!! Xxooxxxoo

Joan of Health!!

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