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Joan Teglovic

Lifestyle Change

Learn how to change your bad habits and adopt new ones for better health and weight management

Weight Loss

Reach your weight goals and transform your body through a healthy that will produce lasting results

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Get professional nutrition coaching and support to manage health issues and eating disorder problems

Joan Teglovic

Joan Teglovic

Nutrition Coach

My goal is help heal your relationship with food and commit to a healthier lifestyle. Together I want us to not only achieve your nutrition goals, but find sustainable ways for you to adopt and maintain healthy habits for long-term results.

Guidance and support every step of the way toward a healthier lifestyle

Whatever your nutrition and health goals are, I will be right there, alongside you in your journey toward a healthy lifestyle.

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We will meet weekly to keep you moving forward towards your goal weight!

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Customized diet plans & recipes

Weekly meal plans, recipes, shopping list and food diary.

Dietary & body analysis

Suggested Blood Work and analysis

Success stories

“Joan did a great job of understanding the way I work and providing practical and sustainable ways to change my nutrition. Together, we managed to change my bad habits and I regained my confidence in my body. I’m now eating guilty-free for the first time in my life! Thanks Ada for your counselling and guidance!
Valerie Hines
Seattle, WA
"I started working with Joan because I knew I needed to make a change in my diet and lifestyle. Today, after five months of online sessions, I can honestly say that meeting with Ada changed my life for the better! Not only did I reach my target weight, but I became a healthy person, and she provided me with the tools to continue to succeed on my own.”
Denise Caldwell
Fort Worth, TX

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