The Empowered Woman Program


  • Lose Weight
  • Learn How and What to Eat for Your Unique Body Chemistry
  • Transform Your Mindset
  • Learn How to Live Healthy!
  • What kind of Exercise
  • Powerful Anti-aging Hacks
  • Become the Empowered Woman You Truly Are!
  • Are You Ready? 
  • Are you choosing the same types of food and drinks that have been a part of your diet for years?
  • Are you forgetting  your morning and evening routines?
  • Opting for QUICK FIXES instead of focusing on the root cause of any emotional stress?
  • Ignoring boundaries from friends, co-workers or relatives?
  • Drinking too much wine and can’t stop eating unhealthy foods? 
  • Refusing to face issues  and warning signs with your physical health and wellness?


REALLY NEED IS..........

    • To heal the Trauma that’s been stored in your body and mind!
    • A structured routine or self care and support for your own needs
    • A schedule of self expression and healing thats focused on each day
    • Chances to express whats in your soul and get your soul as healthy as your body
    • Community and resources that support your journey in every way without dragging you down or setting you back.

And if you're thinking there is no way you're going to find all of that in one easy -to-follow program.......then let me tell you about........

     Module #1  Emotional Well Being

In this module, we help you uncover what “emotionally” has been keeping you stick in unhealthy lifestyle patterns. Once we figure this out, you will learn tools and techniques to reframe your issues and health them once and for all. Sneak Peek Below!

  • What is Emotional Well Being
  • Finding Your Purpose
  • Boundaries and Self Care
  • Creating Your Empowered Life Workshop
  • Warrior Poses
  • Power Poses and Posture

Module # 2   The Weight Loss Program

In this module, you will get the weight-loss plan for both omnivore and vegetarian options. You will have everything you need to lose the weight and most importantly never gain back with the tools and techniques taught in this course.  

  • Weight-loss Preparation- Food Plan, Recipes, Shopping List
  • The New You Visualization
  • Understanding Your Relationship to Food/How the Brain Blocks Weight-loss
  • Urge Management Tools/ Dealing Food Withdrawals
  • What to Drink During Weight-loss
  • How Your Body Changes with Weight-loss
  • Alcohol and Weight-loss
  • Weight-loss Set Points

Module #3  Physical Well Being

In this Module, you will take a deep dive into what exactly “being healthy ” is and how to get there internally and externally. Sneak peek below of the lessons: 

  • What Exactly is Health?
  • How to Eat Healthy
  • Understanding Body Detoxification
  • How Our Body Digests Food/ Identifying Healthy Poop
  • Understanding Your Hormones
  • Getting Better Sleep
  • Inflammation and the Body and How to Minimize it. 

Module #4- Nutrition 101

In this Module, you will get a refresh on Nutrition and also body chemistry. You will learn first hand how the Standard American Diet is affecting you and some great tools to deal with it in a healthy way. Sneak Peek Below: 

  • Understanding Proteins and Your Body
  • All About Carbohydrates
  • Learning How Fats Affect the Body
  • Gluten and your Body chemistry
  • Sugar and Sugar Substitutes
  • What to Know about eating Soy/Corn and Peanuts
  • Should I Eat Eggs
  • Understanding Oils in Food
  • Good Salt/Bad Salt

Module #5  A New Way To Age

In this Module, you will learn some great “hacks” to help you age gracefully and healthyfully! If you are over 45, this is a must See below for a sneak peek! 

  • How our Body Changes as We Age
  • Secrets of Centenarians
  • The Power of Building a Strong Immune System
  • Intermittent Fasting as a Lifestyle
  • Alcohol and Aging / Exercise and Aging
  • Supplements for Aging / Time to Enjoy More Sex
  • The Power of Love and Connection as We age
  • Create a Health-Conscious Kitchen
  • Become a Health-Conscious Cook
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