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Joan Teglovic is an Author, Speaker, Certified Holistic Heal and Weight-loss Coach, a Strategic Intervention Life Coach, Entrepreneur and CEO of Joan of Health Transformational Programs. Her company is focused on helping professional women, in the prime of their lives, take back their health and well being. 

She specializes in teaching women how to harness their inner power, learn what and how to eat for their unique body chemistry and lifestyle. Joan provides a simple step-by step framework that is practical, scientific and    gets lasting results! 

 Joan has cracked the code on what makes people overweight, sick, and tempted to give up on the wonderful, happy life they deserve. The ingredients in foods and beverages from the Standard American Diet are making us sick and fat.

How is Joan of Health different than any other coach? She combines her expertise in health and nutrition with her 25 years of life coaching. 

Joan helps you permanently change your mindset and bad habits by working on the energetics of weight loss before even attempting to show you what to eat. It doesn’t matter how well you eat or exercise. If your energetic weight minimums and maximums are not in alignment, you will never have sustainable weight loss and good health!


Joan Teglovic

Joan Teglovic – also known as Joan of Health!!!

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