If you want to feel good on the outside, you’ve got to know what you’re doing to your insides. By now, you should be on the road to throwing away your box of Girl Scout cookies and all other indulgences your body could tolerate back when it was a young factory. But let’s say you don’t exactly know what is junk and what isn’t? Keep reading to find out the multitudes of delights that are secretly killing you.

The Three H’s

Hydrogenated oils: You may know that all fat isn’t bad fat, but trans-fat is the absolute worse type of fat you can “treat” yourself with. Foods that contain words like “fully hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated oils” are just covering up the fact that they’re poisoned with trans-fat.

High-Fructose corn syrup: What’s the most genetically modified crop in America? Corn. What’s the most heavily used ingredient used in almost everything? High-fructose corn syrup. Check your bread, your cereals, and even your peanut butter! This is an ingredient secretly hiding in almost every non-fresh/processed good. Quick fix? Go for organic!

Highly processed oils, like cottonseed oil: Have you ever seen cottonseed oil on the shelves? It’s really cheap compared to olive oil. Don’t cheat yourself out of a healthier life by buying cheap and processed oils.

Other Foods to look out for

Fried foods: What makes them so good, you may ask? Just a good helping of trans-fat, of course.

Alcoholic beverages: They don’t say beer-belly for no reason now, do they?

Sugar and artificial sweeteners: Artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose get a bad rap, but what can you expect from something inorganic? Opt for natural sweeteners like agave, honey, or nature’s candy, fruits!

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs): Corn isn’t the only food most likely to be injected with chemicals to make it taste good/last longer. Farmers may also do the same to your meats! Before buying a pack of meat, look to see if that cow was grass-fed and not junk fed.

Fast food burgers: Firstly, McDonalds most likely uses GMO patties. Secondly, you can’t even see what else is actually in the burger. Fast food is almost always unhealthier than a nice home cooked meal.

Charred meats: There’s been many studies to link burnt foods to cancer. No, eating a burnt rib this July won’t give you cancer, but eating burnt foods constantly will definitely increase those chances.

Gelatin desserts: Fun fact, gelatin is made from the leftover skin from cows and pigs.

Artificial colorings, preservatives: anything far from natural is far from healthy.

Don’t feel embarrassed if you’re more than familiar with these foods. Now that you know what makes you old, you can turn your life around by limiting the intake of these foods. Make sure to always read the nutrition facts and the ingredients of every product you purchase. Understanding what you’re putting inside your body is a characteristic of a smart and healthy shopper. If you want to be healthy, you’ve got to be picky.

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